Purification .

You are Pure . Within your personal energetic grid there is a pure space .

If you are an energy worker in this lifetime you have connected to this pure Divine space within.

How can you communicate this place of beauty ,tranquility ,simple being-ness .

Start recalling the first moment you remembered this place,space.

How did you hold it .  Not possible physically . It is Light. It is. Always has been and always will be.  Now though it cannot be physically held as it is not dense matter it may be  felt ,perceived, sensed ,seen through the 3rd. eye.  It is the wind seen by what it touches. The air felt like a soft caress . The movement of the earth from a place of stillness . The flame within.

May all who read this be graced through your own being-ness .

May you enrich and be enriched for a moment in time .

In Love,Compassion and Grace ,


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