Grand Cross .

As I have been sharing with you when we are in a time of momentous change the fellow human beings whose frequency is attracted into my sharing space unfold a stream of consciousness within that is awesome ,pristine and colourful.  Many are now experiencing an ease within themselves that is heartening to witness.  In recent days I have envisioned a connection of our personal chakra system in alignment with the flower of life.  All is in connection.  The animals are in an awareness of something new coming forth in creation.

The birds are in harmony with the sounds of song.  The trees are glistening in the vibrancy and expectancy of pranic energy.  All is.  In the inner planes the central channel of the spine is in expansion.  It is a sturdier column of truth and love holding a radiant yellowish golden light with an outer rim of pale pink.   In a state of perfecting and in the allowance of our imperfection  I beseech  you to open up to this.  Delve into the centre.  Be at one with all in the highest frequency that you can raise within.  Trust.  Smile.  Be at peace.  In alignment. Tricia.

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