During this time of change within the universe and the forthcoming Grand Cross on April the 23rd I magnify my intent to support as many as possible through meditation.  This Tuesday April the 8th I shall delve into a healing of the Solar plexus Chakra. Then add into this framework a polishing and shining of this incredible space within the etheric body. This week I was gifted an insight into the phrase “a way to a mans heart is through his stomach”

Through the sequence of clearing and polishing the Solar Plexus chakra I witnessed a journey into the cosmic heart and then a beautiful movement into the Kingdom of Heaven through the eye of the needle. 

My gifts through what people show me adds to my sharing of this through meditation.  Next week I shall move into the Heart Chakra once again.  Following this on the 22nd Of April in preparation for the Grand Cross I shall merge the lower chakras and journey through the Cosmic heart to the Soul star Chakra .

Many blessings to all in these transformational times.


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