Yesterday I was in a state of Joy.   What does that signify?  I held more light in my mind than I have being perceiving recently.   I am enthralled by the inherent beauty of nature.  Simple things like yellow and white croceses,daffodils,green grass.  And the birds chirping.  So the energy of sound and light portrayed to transform my mind.   I felt the smile ,the upliftment of cells on my face.  And the political situation in our beautiful planet stayed outside my Joy zone. In the peace and beauty that rests in my heart and those present to share it with I now gift a healing meditation to the universe. For those building a foundation of hope. For those building a foundation of health.  For those building a foundation of peace ,of tranquility.  For those building a foundation of shelter.  For those who care that there are people in need of basics:food,water.  To  people who need to hear that life is in a flow towards a better way. Pause. This is all I can do today. I invoke sanctuary for all lightworkers.

I send forth a call ,be of good heart. Meditate. Go within and designate a cell of perfection within your physical body.  Design. Create a communication grid within. Use the elements. Earth, Air ,Fire ,Water .   Earth become grounded. Check your energy system of taking in food and water.  Bless what you have at your disposal. Become aware of your digestive organs. Invoke healing, clearing ,fueling within.  Reconnect to your purified perfection cell. Allow this cell to communicate with all cells in your digestive system and share this uplifting energy .

Now expand this using Air.  Take in the energy of purified air cleansed through all the recent storms.  Take a breath.  Breathe in a new way.  Ask your breath to flow in a clearing healing deep relaxed way.  Be cognisant of the power of this beautiful gift.  Communicate with the flow of air.  Lodge the resonance of a pure breath in your cellular memory.  Enough. by now you get the picture. Create an artistic being.  A reflection of who you are.  A design of humanity striving for joy. Live a diverse life. Now I meditate and emit my heart essence to the universe. I wish you a day of peace. Tricia.

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