Universal Love Letters

Letters to the universe.

Many Questions I am often asked:

Where do I get my information from?  Simple answer is My Life.

Yet its not as easy as :I want this ,give it to me.  This year I have stepped beyond my comfort zone into following my passion,weaving my dreams into the intensity  of life in the Now.

As a left handed child in a western culture I was demoted to the back of the class when I blotted ink all over my writing with my wrist resting on the page ,dragging along. And then back to the top row. I was five. Did my station mean anything to me?  hopefully this has changed.  I met many lessons on my way here. Here are some for you to read and apply to yourself ,your loved ones, your characters.

You cannot be in the choir(because I laughed from nervousness at singing before the class ) yet anytime after that where my voice was assessed it was labelled pitch perfect and I’ ve been in many choirs and hear my own off pitch and laugh inwardly  ,smiling.

Another, You cannot draw: And this is for all you would be teachers ,We are unique ,we have different brain systems. Each individual has a separate assimilating system. If you say you cannot to many they believe you, yet everything is possible.  I believed all the no’s until I learnt about perception. Is it true? can you learn. How can you apply the rejection and turn it around. So decades later I picked up a pencil and an artist  showed me how to measure distance with my eye and I began to draw. Now I draw and use drawing letters as a form of meditation and tension releasing transforming into a creative space.

And I use each no as an obstacle,through obstacles I smile.  I smile a thousand times each day.  I smile at the rain ,at a child stumbling,at the Angels in the clouds.  In London recently playing  hockey with European Masters  I came to the understanding that I am living my dream.  My dream is to follow my passion.  My passion is sport, spirit, life.

Many years ago in London during a meditation I fell off my chair because I received so much light.  I then shared my commitment to have Love show up.  Where Love shows up for me is in the people I share this lifetime with.  We are in a huge phase of transition on this planet. We are moving back from and through many eons of war and conflict and loss and rejection.  In every moment there is a pause between the in- breath and the out-breath  If you regard each in- breath as pure potential to clear all the debris of many lifetimes and each out-breath as a gift to this beautiful planet in gratitude for taking and absorbing our hurts,tensions,grief etc. ,then we come to the creative potential  of how may I give more.  For me the giving more is often working through the inner eye,connecting to the ancient stories of the place I am drawn to and with intention and attention releasing back to Nature the trauma of the place whilst regarding the Natural beauty in the trees,the clouds,the people. I invite you to do this anytime, anywhere in recreation contributing to uplifting all in hope of this better world.

In London having walked in a park, gifted lunch, and visited the Tate Modern I was in a state of joy at so much beauty that I decided to share. So I retraced my journey home  back from the train platform and walked in the lashing rain through the embankment to the London eye.(3rd Eye  for all you spiritual beings.) I had such a smile that a cyclist braving the puddles came to a halt in front of me. Do you know you are smiling in the rain?  So he and I smiled stronger, and looked at the wide bright rainbows and I walked to the bus stop.

On the bus ,remembering a brilliant gem of magic from a hockey coach (don’t get off the bus) I  again had to remember Love, being one of these people who is allergic to perfumes etc.,I observed a guy opposite me spraying himself from a canister.  Was he homeless and aware of smelling,was he addicted to glue?  My initial reaction was annoyance ,dislike,judgement until I remembered .we are all here together. I smiled exhaled, and remembered.  We are all unique.     Maybe I allowed him the space to reconnect.  Maybe he allowed me the space to reflect.  I had enough money in my pocket to buy 2 bananas for dinner. Maybe he had none.

So this week I invite you to reflect on what you have been told is not possible for you and see if you can turn it around.

I am aware of the state this planet is in yet also aware of our human  potential.  So take a step, then two and soon you will be running. Much Love to you all and to me also,I shall continue to overcome my perceived obstacles.  Making up for not writing in 2015 as I applied myself to getting physically fitter and stronger I now  commit to translating my Love of life into sharing the application of this Love into all aspects of my life.

I shall write again soon.


Purification .

You are Pure . Within your personal energetic grid there is a pure space .

If you are an energy worker in this lifetime you have connected to this pure Divine space within.

How can you communicate this place of beauty ,tranquility ,simple being-ness .

Start recalling the first moment you remembered this place,space.

How did you hold it .  Not possible physically . It is Light. It is. Always has been and always will be.  Now though it cannot be physically held as it is not dense matter it may be  felt ,perceived, sensed ,seen through the 3rd. eye.  It is the wind seen by what it touches. The air felt like a soft caress . The movement of the earth from a place of stillness . The flame within.

May all who read this be graced through your own being-ness .

May you enrich and be enriched for a moment in time .

In Love,Compassion and Grace ,


Grand Cross .

As I have been sharing with you when we are in a time of momentous change the fellow human beings whose frequency is attracted into my sharing space unfold a stream of consciousness within that is awesome ,pristine and colourful.  Many are now experiencing an ease within themselves that is heartening to witness.  In recent days I have envisioned a connection of our personal chakra system in alignment with the flower of life.  All is in connection.  The animals are in an awareness of something new coming forth in creation.

The birds are in harmony with the sounds of song.  The trees are glistening in the vibrancy and expectancy of pranic energy.  All is.  In the inner planes the central channel of the spine is in expansion.  It is a sturdier column of truth and love holding a radiant yellowish golden light with an outer rim of pale pink.   In a state of perfecting and in the allowance of our imperfection  I beseech  you to open up to this.  Delve into the centre.  Be at one with all in the highest frequency that you can raise within.  Trust.  Smile.  Be at peace.  In alignment. Tricia.


During this time of change within the universe and the forthcoming Grand Cross on April the 23rd I magnify my intent to support as many as possible through meditation.  This Tuesday April the 8th I shall delve into a healing of the Solar plexus Chakra. Then add into this framework a polishing and shining of this incredible space within the etheric body. This week I was gifted an insight into the phrase “a way to a mans heart is through his stomach”

Through the sequence of clearing and polishing the Solar Plexus chakra I witnessed a journey into the cosmic heart and then a beautiful movement into the Kingdom of Heaven through the eye of the needle. 

My gifts through what people show me adds to my sharing of this through meditation.  Next week I shall move into the Heart Chakra once again.  Following this on the 22nd Of April in preparation for the Grand Cross I shall merge the lower chakras and journey through the Cosmic heart to the Soul star Chakra .

Many blessings to all in these transformational times.



How we express our self.  Often the words we use to bring forth our thought stream to share with others does not quite make the connection we envisaged.  Envisage first.  Use your imagination. Use your understanding of energy through the vibration of sound.  Anger has a forcefield that may blow people outside your field of communication.  Attempt ,succeed at a lighter vibration.   Go for acceptance of differences.  Look for the uniqueness of all.  Understand where you are coming from.  Are you in a state of awe at the might of these times. Do you wish others would get it. Have no fear.  Love is. Love has been. Love will always be.  I send you Love through my thoughts, my frequency,my purpose.


Yesterday I was in a state of Joy.   What does that signify?  I held more light in my mind than I have being perceiving recently.   I am enthralled by the inherent beauty of nature.  Simple things like yellow and white croceses,daffodils,green grass.  And the birds chirping.  So the energy of sound and light portrayed to transform my mind.   I felt the smile ,the upliftment of cells on my face.  And the political situation in our beautiful planet stayed outside my Joy zone. In the peace and beauty that rests in my heart and those present to share it with I now gift a healing meditation to the universe. For those building a foundation of hope. For those building a foundation of health.  For those building a foundation of peace ,of tranquility.  For those building a foundation of shelter.  For those who care that there are people in need of basics:food,water.  To  people who need to hear that life is in a flow towards a better way. Pause. This is all I can do today. I invoke sanctuary for all lightworkers.

I send forth a call ,be of good heart. Meditate. Go within and designate a cell of perfection within your physical body.  Design. Create a communication grid within. Use the elements. Earth, Air ,Fire ,Water .   Earth become grounded. Check your energy system of taking in food and water.  Bless what you have at your disposal. Become aware of your digestive organs. Invoke healing, clearing ,fueling within.  Reconnect to your purified perfection cell. Allow this cell to communicate with all cells in your digestive system and share this uplifting energy .

Now expand this using Air.  Take in the energy of purified air cleansed through all the recent storms.  Take a breath.  Breathe in a new way.  Ask your breath to flow in a clearing healing deep relaxed way.  Be cognisant of the power of this beautiful gift.  Communicate with the flow of air.  Lodge the resonance of a pure breath in your cellular memory.  Enough. by now you get the picture. Create an artistic being.  A reflection of who you are.  A design of humanity striving for joy. Live a diverse life. Now I meditate and emit my heart essence to the universe. I wish you a day of peace. Tricia.


Through the devastation of having homes and businesses damaged here in Ireland it calls forth for our strength and spirit to uplift those in need.  On seeing the way some have taken to the streets in Kayaks ,canoes etc,  shows our strong innate life force.  If you are reading this please take a moment.  Give gratitude to the element of water.  Thank the oceans for taking our waste.  Thank the rain for falling to our reservoirs.  Thank the trees in offering us shelter from the Sun and holding back the mudslides and when Nature causes the cycle of life in a momentum too strong to hold the trees ,waters ,earth, May the force of the Sun restore a natural balance quickly efficiently and peacefully.

My heartfelt Pillar of Love energy to all affected.

11 :2/2/2014 MASTERY.

Now in this present moment is the time to accept the energies of these profound changes within the Earth as a Mother planet.

Through the forward motion of Venus in alignment with this pay attention to your physical body.  If you perceive that have missed this opportunity you have not.  Your body is going through these adjustments regardless of your awareness of them.  Another surge will be forthcoming on the Ist of March.  

I gift you energy from myself on this timeline. Enjoy it when you read this.

Do something today in gratitude to your body.  Get stronger.  Be Happier.   Be You.

What can we unfold within ourselves ?

It comes to mind that the energetics of Beingness are evolving at a speed never before realised in this dimension.  Manifestation happens swiftly when we bring our awareness into our I AM presence.  Think back to the first moment you held within your consciousness that I AM THAT I AM.   Ah.  Now start from there. Be.

Revision of Reiki Attunements.

A Reiki Attunement allows a Reiki Master to bring forth and enhance your connection to your soul through an energy grid known as your Silver chord.  Once active this may be widened through many different soul practices.   The joy and upliftment of passing on these attunements is my privelage to offer to you and gently remind you to care for your soul in ways that bring forth your healing,happiness and lifeforce .

At a revision all those who are Reiki Masters get the opportunity to re -experience giving Attunements and a remembering of their own Reiki journey.